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The Power of Decision

Today we have a guest post from Leah Bulfin. Leah is my eldest sister and, with her husband Jeff, and 3 sons, they attend C3 Church Sydney City. Leah is experiencing a tremendous season of hearing from God, and inspiring […]

Think About It . . .

Recently at C3 Church Mount Annan, Doug Rauch shared an excellent encouragement regarding self-awareness in our thinking, and the importance of re-wiring our thoughts. I asked him to write a post about it for everyone. Here is that post. Enjoy! […]

Meditate . . .

Today we have a guest post from Kenny O’Donnell. Kenny & his wife Sharon, are the Campus Pastors of C3 Church Campbelltown, a campus of C3 Mt Annan. I’m sure you will be blessed by his encouraging words. Enjoy . […]

Hungry Anyone?

Today’s post, is a guest post from Ros Smith. Ros is one of the prayer & intercession leaders at C3 Church Mount Annan. I’m sure you’re going to be blessed by her insights in this edition. ———————————————————————– Our bodies drive […]

OFFLINE? Are you serious?

“You want me to turn off my device for a while” “You must be joking’” This month at C3 Church Mount Annan (& campuses), we’ve been highlighting the need to re-calibrate our relationship with the online world. There’s no escaping […]

Healing The Restless Soul

I’ve recently discovered that God has been giving me an unfolding revelation concerning the cause, and subsequent healing available for a restless soul. What do I mean by ‘a restless soul’? I’m talking about the feeling on the inside, that […]

Anatomy of a God-Encounter

Christendom, over the centuries, has become highly proficient in coining new clichés. Phrases such as ‘A God thing’, ‘going to the next level’ and, ‘Cairos moment’ spring quickly to mind. If you add to this phenomenon, the speed at which […]

Raising Leaders

I like to equate raising leaders with the goal of making disciples. They are linked, intrinsically inseparable. To try to somehow separate them would be like taking away one of the instalments of the Jason Bourne Trilogy. Imagine having the […]

The purpose of the Pastor’s blog

In this blog I will be posting a variety of thoughts ranging from the topics of life, leadership and the faith we share. I hope these thoughts will be insightful, helpful and provoke further consideration. Andrew